Dr. Felix Philipp Lutz

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter



Felix has been working in neuromarketing for many years and has been studying the neurosciences since the late 80’s while working on his Ph.D. thesis on consciousness and public memory in Germany. He was a professor at Schiller International University, an American University in Heidelberg, where he taught International Relations and Marketing Research. He has been working in different positions in marketing and branding in consulting firms (head of trends and brands department at Roland Berger Market Research, Germany, head of department including public policy, health, new technologies and consumer forecasting at PROGNOS AG, Basel, Switzerland, senior consultant at Sinus-Sociovision, Heidelberg). For several years, he gathered extensive experiences in the field of neuromarketing with the Munich-based consulting firm “Gruppe Nymphenburg”. He was CEO of the “International Business School” in Berlin (now EBC Hochschule), a private university, where he introduced neuromarketing into the curriculum of the bachelor program. From 2009 until 2013 he was a research affiliate at Harvard University focusing on neuro-anthropological branding. He founded sophisticated knowledge at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge.

Ghia Gabriela Szwed

Executive Vice President, USA 



Cambridge-based, Ghia is the author of four adventure novels published by Bantam Publishing under her pseudonym G.G. Garth. Through her eponymous G.G. Garth Productions, Ghia curates concept-to-finish strategically-crafted multimedia products, e.g., books, films, industrials. A gifted storyteller, Ghia has been the ghostwriter and developmental editor for numerous best-selling fiction authors, as well as a composed music and lyrics for films, and recorded albums. Formerly represented by the William Morris Agency, the quality of her work has been extolled in a university text book on literature. In addition, she has enjoyed success with her other multimedia creations including a comedy stage play, myriad song lyrics and double album (a rock opera) with Grammy Winner musicians, music videos and documentaries about music in medicine, music and excellence, music and philanthropy, one of which won best documentary. With a dual degree in German and Spanish literature from Wells College, she has 30 years’ experience creating Busines-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer publishing/marketing strategy and multimedia campaigns for companies such as Clinique Laboratories, Inc., Estee Lauder, Inc., Murdoch Magazines, and small businesses.

Subhankar Ray

Director Softwaredevelopment and Analytics



Subhankar Ray is Senior Vice President  platform development of Boston Predictive Analytics. Subhankar has worked on large scale web crawler, and recommender system for e-commerce websites. His team also did statistical machine learning based rapid customer segmentation and retention analysis using structured and unstructured data. He worked as a product manager for Ericsson for their 3G GSM/GPRS wireless infrastructure unit for over 8 years. He was active in several standard bodies for location based mobile services. He holds  three approved patents, and an MS in EE, and an MBA (with focus on Finance). He lives with his family in the greater Boston area.

Creative, Story Development und Anthropologie

Will Csaklos

Director Story Development




Will Csaklos, our story expert, is the former Senior Creative Executive and Story Consultant at Pixar Animation Studios where he helped create the film stories for Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille and Cars. Will’s story consultation clients include Ogilvy Paris, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Marza Animation Planet and Barajoun Entertainment. Will knows how to move people, how to generate anticipation, and how to build brand through enticing stories that have lasting impact.

Ben Colarossi  †

Director Advertising




Ben Colarossi 1934-2019 †

Ben was living proof of one of sophisticated knowledge’s core messages:  All behavior is emotional. There is nothing like pure rationality, there is no information processing without emotions. Not that a living legend like Ben would need any science backup for his incredible success, but it was a true revelation to see that his HEARTSELL approach was based purely on the idea that emotions sell. At sophisticated knowledge, we knew Ben was right all along, and we are very grateful for our collaboration with him.

ABOUT BEN COLAROSSI (Reprinted from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, The New York Post)

"Colarossi (has) a record of recognizable creative triumphs as long as the Congressional Record." - - Joseph Kaselow “Along Madison Avenue” in The New York Post

Multiple CLIO AWARD WINNING Senior Creative Director/Writer, Art Director and Concept Set Designer, Ben has been responsible for some of the most memorable print and television ad campaigns over several generations. From Wendy's "Where's the Beef" to Timex's “Takes a Licking and keeps on Ticking” to “Trust the Man With the Star” to “Stronger Than Dirt” to “I Want to Buy the World A Coke”, Ben's ability to project concepts through focused, to-the-heart campaigns has characterized his career.

Ben's consultancies with Texaco, Hearst Publications, Sharro's domestic and international operations, the U.S. Tennis Association, Wendy's, Cadbury-Schweppes, iVillage.com (The Women'S Network) and with IBB (international Bullion), followed a five year assignment as President of Worldwide Marketing and Promotions at Ketchum. Prior to that, Ben served as Executive Vice President of Lintas-USA at Interpublic/McCann Erickson, and was responsible for such notable campaigns as Kmart"s “The Jaclyn Smith Collection”. During his time at Lintas-USA, Ben directed the Nippon Airlines account, Buick, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and Lipton Tea campaigns and the print and TV activities for Bayer Aspirin, Walt Disney, AT&T, Gallo Wines, Nabisco and Upjohn. It was as one of the principles of Colarossi/Ross Roy Griswold in the 1980's that Ben began his association with Wendy's after creating “Old Fashioned Hamburgers” (“Where's The Beef?”) campaign. Ben's accounts have included the U.S. and international divisions of Texaco, Acura, Sizzler. Bank of America, Ciba-Geigy, Lever MCI. Pizza Hut, Paddington, Evian and Budget Rent-a-Car. Ben also was responsible for the creation and launch of QVC network's jewelry division. Ben has been frequently quoted and sought after as an industry legend in publications around the globe. He has been featured on The History Channel for having created some of the most memorable ad campaigns of this century. In a 1999 Stuart Elliott New York Times article, Ben coined the phrase “In America, Perception is Reality.” No one would know better than Ben. New York Times reporter Joseph Kaselow, reviewing Ben's “quadruple threat career”, takes an overview of Ben's “notable creative feats”, singling out his Speidel TV campaign “Give Your Watch a New Twist”, his San Georgio's “Spaghetti Farm” -- those wryly humorous commercials that featured spaghetti growing trees, the Wilkinson Sword campaign, the Timex torture test featuring John Cameron Swayze “Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”.

Ben worked out of his New York SOHO loft office which served as his base.



Prof. Dr. John Czaplicka




A historian of culture at Harvard’s Center for European Studies, John Czaplicka taught at German and American universities including Harvard, Amherst College, Humboldt University in Berlin, and the University of Hamburg. His publications have considered a broad range of topics including Americanism in Germany, commemorative practices in Europe, and urban history and design in East-Central Europe. His expertise in cultural history helps us identify the economic, societal or cultural base of any commodity or product in a given society.



J. Duncan Berry, Ph.D.

Applied Iconology



Duncan Berry ist Inhaber von APPLIED ICONOLOGYTM und arbeitet in Port Yarmouth in Massachusetts, USA.

Duncan ist ein "visual equity analyst." Er konzentriert sich in seiner Arbeit auf die sensorischen und visuellen Eigenschaften einer Marke, mit dem Ziel, die emotionale Bindung von Kunden an die Marke zu verstärken. Duncan war viele Jahre Geschäftsführer eines Unternehmens, das sich  im Import auf High-End Konsumprodukte spezialisierte und hat dadurch viel Erfahrung im Marketing, Design und bei der Qualitätskontrolle von Produkten gesammelt. Er studierte als Fulbright Stipendiat an der Universität Wien und als IREX-Scholar an der Technischen Universität in Dresden.  Duncan war Fellow an der Brown University, wo er sowohl einen Master als auch seine Promotion in Architektur und Kunstgeschichte abgeschlossen hat.  Seinen BA (honors) hat er am College of Wooster (Wooster, OH) gemacht.

Kommunikation, Public Relations, Government

Michael Haas

Public Relations



Michael worked for international PR agencies supporting the communications of numerous international technology companies for many years. Besides working for sophisticated knowledge, he is currently responsible as editor-in-chief for building up the editorial staff, PR and social media communications at a start-up online platform for art and culture.




Philipp Kardinahl ist Kommunikationsexperte im Bereich Public Affairs. Er hat einen Abschluss in Wirtschaftsrecht und in Betriebswirtschaft. Er ist seit vielen Jahren im Bereich der politischen Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit tätig. Er berät mittelständische Unternehmen, Verbände, Politik und öffentliche Institutionen in strategischen Fragen. Einer seiner weiteren Schwerpunkte ist die interkulturelle Kommunikation, vor allem zwischen Asien und Europa. Philipp unterstützt asiatische Unternehmen beim Markteintritt in Europa.

Angewandte Neurowissenschaften

Prof. Dr. Daniela Krause



Daniela hat an der Freien Universität Berlin Humanmedizin studiert. Nach Absolvierung der Tätigkeit als Ärztin im Praktikum in der Hämatologie/Onkologie an der Charité in Berlin war sie 14 Jahre lang an der Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, in der Leukämieforschung, zuletzt als “Junior Faculty” tätig. Sie ist Fachärztin für klinische Pathologie (Laboratoriumsmedizin) und Transfusionsmedizin. Seit Juli 2014 ist sie Forschungsgruppenleiterin am Georg-Speyer-Haus, dem Institut für Tumorbiologie und Experimentelle Therapie, in Frankfurt am Main und als Fachärztin in der Laboratoriums- und Transfusionsmedizin am Blutspendedienst des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes und dem Klinikum der Goethe Universität tätig. Seit Oktober 2015 ist sie Professorin im Fachbereich Medizin der Goethe Universität in Frankfurt. Obwohl die Mehrzahl von Danielas Publikationen im Bereich der Hämatologie/Onkologie liegen, berät Sie sophisticated knowledge als “Consultant” für medizinische Fragen.


Link zu Danielas Forschungsarbeiten: http://www.georg-speyer-haus.de/forschung/forschungsgruppen/krause/forschung.html




Dr. Michaela Meyer

Neurobiologie des Hörens



Michaela is a neuroscientist with fourteen years of experience in the auditory / vestibular field. She obtained her master’s degree in Germany and her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, in neurobiology and spent more than five years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard Medical School. During her Ph.D. she also taught classes in neuroscience and cellular biology for six years in addition to doing research. She has publications in top-tier neuroscience and biology journals and has presented her research at major conferences. Michaela values the insight gained from using comparative approaches that use a combination of different animal-models to place scientific findings in the context of the whole organism and its environment.  As a member of the Choral Arts Society of Washington DC, Michaela has performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York, at the Kennedy Center in DC and at the 2004 Fourth of July celebrations on the National Mall. In her current position at Children's Hospital in Boston, Michaela is applying her knowledge of patch clamp and tissue slice techniques to help understand and treat epilepsy.