The Neurosemantic Map USemantics

Für alle Details und Anwendungen des US-Models gehen Sie bitte auf den englischsprachigen/amerikanischen Teil unserer Webseite.


USemantics is based on a - permanently expanding - neurosemantic library of thousands of emotional words from American-English language. This neurosemantic library has been created by integrating emotional language and results from the research on emotions and a meta-analysis of psychographic models of personality. All emotional words are being processed through several steps of multivariate data analysis. As a data base for this procedure we used all US-based English language websites (e.g. IP-addresses). The result of these analyses is the neurosemantic map of the USA USemantics, consisting of eleven factors representing the motivation based emotional semantic world of the USA. Each field like "openness" or "search" is comprised of thousands of words and idioms defining any kind of emotion which can be verbally expressed.